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Check out the following videos of fishing on the Good Times.

People enjoy fishing on the Good Times. Some groups take pictures to remember their experience fishing the Gulf Stream with us. Others move on to also include their own fishing videos of their catches.

Videos provide an experience of reliving the action that you felt when you were hauling in that big one. It could have been the awesome blue marlin that you hauled in for the first time, or the wahoo that wouldn’t stop fighting. Post the video to show others that your tale is true (it really was a big one).

It is nice when they provide their videos back for us to share with you.


May 10, 2016: Maurice and his boys fish a few times a year with us. Today we landed in the fish! The Gulf Stream edge was alive with gaffers today, and by 8:30 they were jumping out of the box!! For an hour straight we had 4 fish or more on. Tallying in at 550 lbs of mahi was the finished product. Great fishing like always on the Good Times out of Hatteras, NC!


September 2, 2015: The wahoo are here. Here is a gaffer that was brought into the boat. Fishing in Hatteras, NC.


May 5, 2015: Jim Bunting and his crew had a great time and sent us the video below to share with you. We welcome you to set up a trip with us to enjoy the great fishing out of Hatteras, NC.


Check out the video below. Great day, great weather, and great friends.



Gaffing a wahoo.


The Gulf Stream is not all fishing. We get to see and in this case video the life cycle of the sea. During shark week we came across this whale carcass that was being consumed by a passel of sharks.


Here the charter was able to land a nice size Mako in this fishing video.


A great day catching our sailfish on the Good Times. They are called a sport fish as the effort to haul them in can be exhausting.


Jigging our day away. Life is awesome on the Good Times while fishing in the Gulf Stream.


Watch our enjoyment on this fishing video as we hauled in this nice Bluefin Tuna.


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