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Bottom Fishing

Some of the best bottom fishing on the east coast can be found in the rich waters we fish off of Hatteras. The rocky bottom and countless rock ledges where tuna, mahi, and marlin live, also harbor countless tasty bottom species. Captain Andy specializes in knowing how to catch these species. Many of North Carolina’s record bottom fish have been caught right here in Hatteras.

On a typical day of bouncing the bottom, we will start fishing in 100-300 feet of water. Fishing for Vermillian Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Triggerfish, and Red Snapper.

Woman posing with dozens of fish on a dock

Once you are tired of cranking a limit of triggerfish or bass, we will move out deeper to fish for Blueline Tile fish, Golden Tilefish, and a veriety of Grouper (Snowy, Yellowedge, Wreckfish).

Man posing with large fish on boatbottom fishing grey tilefish

Many of our Grouper and Goldentile exceed 40lbs, and an average blue-line tile averages 4-8 lbs. You can also expect to catch Barrel fish, Sand Tile, Glass Eye Snapper, Rosefish, Streamer Bass, and a variety of sharks.

We use top of the line Penn tackle, but if you have your own favorite rod, bring it along; 80lb braided line is highly recommended.

Join us for some great bottom fishing in Hatteras.

bottom fishing snowy grouper

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